Marriage and Family Therapy

At Divine Mercy Clinic we believe seeking counseling as a couple or family is a wonderful opportunity for you to proactively address the challenges in your relationships. Having a marriage and family therapist to work together with your spouse or family in a safe and neutral place can help you move from surviving to thriving in your relationships. Our couples’ counselors and family therapists seek to come alongside you and your spouse and/or family in order to be a collaborator and objective party to assist you as you address struggles, questions, or conflicts in your relationships.

We believe any couple or family can benefit from therapy, and we hope that the process can enrich your relationships and ultimately your life. If you are particularly interested in Christian marriage therapy, our therapists excel at integrating faith in their counseling.


Individual Therapy

Our one-on-one therapy services provide you with a safe place to process life without judgment, whether you are experiencing pain or celebration. We seek to be a place of healing, love, compassion and mercy seeking to bring greater freedom to each individual. Using the best therapy methods we strive to heal the whole person, their past and present wounds and anxiety so as to be able to grow in love and freedom. We believe that every individual is called to flourish in love.