Spiritual Retreats

The Spiritual Exercises are an opportunity to retreat from the hectic, noisy world and encounter Jesus Christ in a more profound and personal way.

We offer silent retreats for men and women that focus on the Gospels and the fullness of the Catholic faith, opening the soul to the transforming power of grace. Preached by Legionary of Christ priests, each retreat is based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and is comprised of guided meditations, private reflection, Mass, opportunities for confession and spiritual direction.

These retreats cam help anyone to focus on important aspects of growth in the spiritual life, such as deeper self-knowledge, discernment of God’s will, and finding a way to follow Christ  more closely.

This format is great for first-timers and those whose busy schedules won’t allow more than a weekend. Experience the essentials of the Spiritual Exercises in this intense weekend experience.

The 4-day experience is recommended for those who are already familiar with silent retreats in the Ignatian style of the exercises and are accustomed to mental prayer on a daily basis.

This format is worth the investment! You will have a hard time settling for anything less once you have experienced the intimacy and familiarity with God that comes from 6 days devoted to speaking and listening to Him. OLB always brings in expert preachers from around the country for this special retreat.

Experience one day of silent prayer with limited guidance.

Divine Mercy Clinic and Family Center is proud to partner with ECYD and The Leadership Training Program to present retreats for High School boys and girls! Great opportunity for Mother/Daughter or Father/Son retreat experience!

This is a unique opportunity to experience the guided meditations in the very place where they happened! Walk where Jesus walked, pray where he prayed! Experience where he was born, where he lived, where he worked, where he died and where he rose!