Jerome Resurreccion


Jerome Resurreccion is a Masters of Science student at Divine Mercy University studying to be a licensed professional clinical counselor (LPCC) with an emphasis on the integration of faith and therapy. He has worked in the field of applied behavioral analysis and has several years working with children and teens in the play and home settings. Although his focus was on behavioral changes, his current studies are on learning to integrate counseling exploration and insight skills with his previous experience in behavioral shaping strategies. Jerome sees deep inner exploration, personal insight, and emotional awareness as an important part of the therapeutic process. He is currently studying internal family systems (IFS) and metaphor work from a Catholic informed perspective to help clients better understand and navigate their current struggles. Outside of counseling and therapy, Jerome has been deeply involved in teen and young adult ministry since his own personal awakening experience to God and Christianity over a decade ago. Because Catholicsm and Christian spirituality has been an important part of his healing journey, he has also walked with others on their own spiritual journeys over the years especially in the areas of prayer and growing in virtue. Finally, Jerome continues to go through his own personal counseling and therapy and continues to look for ways to grow more healthily in his connection to God, himself, and others.  Jerome is supervised by Priya Tharayil, LCSW #28224.

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